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we have our whole lives ahead of us and an open bottle of whiskey in our hands

Miss Jessie Cafe
9 May 1985
i am the paitron saint of liquid life, all that is caffinated an alcoholic.
i am currently awaiting the apocalypse
i am hazardous human waste.
i am socially awkward and hiding in the corner.
i am pretty drunk, i am pretty when im drunk.
i am rather creepy and very strange
i am going to kick you.
i am a sensitive artist.
i am vomiting, in disgust.
i am to sarcastic for the likes of most.
i am uncomfortable, if you will excuse me, im going to go hypervenalate in the bathroom.
i am super cute and i like sandwitches.
i am slightly corrosive when exposed to oxygen and water.
i am not getting in that bathtub!
abandon buildings, absinthe, adventures, alchemy, anarchism, animal rights, animals, ankhs, antiques, autumn nights, bats, bauhaus, beer, being a pirate, bicycles, big hair, binary, black phoenix alchemy lab, blatz, blood, booze, c8h10n4o2, caffeine, carnivals, carnivals carnivals, cemetaries, chaos, circuit boards, city streets, class war, clinging to sanity, coffee, coffee shops, combat boots, concrete, crochet, crust, cynicism, daydreaming, decay, deconstructing things, defiance ohio, destruction, dirty pink things, doom, dress up, dressing up, drinking, east bay, einstruzende neubauten, escaping, experimental music, foxes, frankenstein, futuristic things, ghostlove, ghosts, glitter pink guitars, gloom, goblins, goggles, gothity goth goth, gypsy punk, halloween, hardcore, hearts, hitchhiking, hobo zombies, irish oatmeal, japan, japanese candy, japanese hardcore, japanese noise, japanese street fashion, jug bands, kawaii, kombucha, kompressor, lowercase letters, making things, metal, military surplus, mix tapes, monsters, mushroom clouds, norse mythology, oak trees, october, owls, pabst, paints, pandas, petticoats, photo booths, pirates, poi, polaroids, porches, punk rock, rattie rat rat rats, retainers, rivets, robot nation, roller skates, rum, rust, salt air, sewing, skiffle bands, snow, socks, soy milk, spooky things, street performance, striped things, stuff, sugar, sweets, tea parties, the sea, thunderstorms, tofu, tragedy, trains, traveling circuses, trees, uppercrusties, urban camping, vegetables, vintage lace, walking around, wd-40, white noise, winter, wisconsin, witches