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we have our whole lives ahead of us and an open bottle of whiskey in our hands

fack'n Snow day - say it like your from wisconsin with a long "o" sound in snow.
cow town
i get a SNOWDAY!!! yayay its like im 6 again i have no school and no work and im going to go sledding after i do my homework that i should have done last night!!! wooot partay!!

mick also purchased caffeine soap i heart you caffeine!!

ice cream head
today i made rat-salad for my pie rats because the food they were getting was not healthy for them. its sad because i know they are going to die and prolly already have cancer but im going to give them the best life a rescue rat can have. i dont know if i should continue to rescue them or get ones i can raise you know. lab rats end up with cancer and have short life expectancies but i couldn't accept that people are just going to kill them they deserve a little bit of retirement after their slavery.

i filled out all my information for the honour society i get inducted on saturday yay!!! chapters of it are in japan and will make studying abroad easier. hooorayy

either way heres some cute pictures and a silly videoCollapse )

some people give birth to small monsters of humans i just acquire well behaved animals
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miss noggin terrycloth

the Countess Elizabeth Bathory would not have her picture taken this evening!

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ice cream head
i was told i was going to get thundersnow!!! bastards! it was lovely today and i wished it would have snowed more! i hope it snows well into april, i made cute mittens today out of wool socks i found on woolsey st. in berkeley. they are nice!!

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oh i also made my first bpal order yesterday... im excited... and frightened... some please take this lovely scented syringe out of my arm for i fear this could become dangerous.

i ordered: yggdraisl, arcana, jack, black forest, brimstone, something else and im hoping to find some mechanical phoenix

the great sucking sound of vacuums and legos
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i ditched my current society class to do my stooopid current society homework!! reading a book written mostly by and economist and a little bit done by a sociologist and i am not one bit amused at 2 chapters and night followed by 2 papers a night, not one bit! its hard to do all in one night.

i know things are bad, i am angry already, ahhhhhh! my brain screams with dissatisfaction, i cant remember when things were good. why do i need a book to reinforce my anger and lack of heart felt comments for society!

i want a cookie for having to deal with this. make it a box of cookies and a six-pack!

but really who are these kids in my class? where have they been for the last 20 years? i wonder if they still believe in the easter bunny?

oh woe sadness
im so sad

i had a horrid dream last night about a puppy that was put in a plastic bag and beaten to death and i had to be the one to find it :::cries:::

didnt know i had homework, prof. said it was ok and i could hand it in late.

some guy almost killed me on my bike today and then yelled at me about it.

first friend in madison moved away.


i want to run away again.


i dont want to wake up and go to work tomarrow.

there is an indie queer dance party i want to go to with my pal savanah.

my rats are super cute and they like biscuits.

i feel ugly.

i shouldnt feel anything there are kids starving under bridges... i wish i was starving with them

my housemate made sushi. love.

polish honey
ice cream head
i got some amazing honey last night from my friend who just got back from visiting her family in poland. ummm honey. i need to figure out what to put it on.

i heart this computer.

im thinking of purchasing a guitar.

my tummy hurts from beer.

and i have this fucking grateful dead song in my head... well only part of it.. its lik: when your settled down you want to travel, when your traveling you want to settle down. its so true. i cant wait for summer.

teh grateful dead.. yucko

i got big plans and im gonna make em real
ooooh eeeyyy oooohhhh

turnips for turnips
ice cream head
guess who got a mac book today and made herself some borscht with help from the squirrel captain?
that was me your favorite caffeine addicted friend miss jessie cafe

root veggies are awesome

smash the state and eat your veggies

right now

AR-15 by Stag Arms, fixed stock with muzzle brake.
ice cream head
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